Quality objective !

Eager to provide its customers with products and services of irreproachable quality, Solufab System is committed to a quality approach, aiming to obtain EN 9100 version 2016 certification by the end of 2019. This quality reference is now recognized as the international standard for the management system specific to the aeronautics and space sector.

What is the EN 9100 certification about ?

Beyond the quality objectives of products and services, the EN 9100 version 2016 standard covers the strategic aspects related to the management and organization of the company :

  • improved safety in the various production processes,
  • meeting deadlines,
  • control of costs throughout the supply chain.

Through its requirements, this standard redefines good practices intended for continuous improvement in the management of the company.

What added value for our customers ?

For Solufab System, obtaining EN 9100 certification will allow :

  • guarantee the satisfaction of our customers,
  • give confidence to our prospects,
  • improve our internal performance,
  • involve, promote and develop the skills of our employees.