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Solufab boosts its productivity thanks to its mist filtration system

Oil mist filtration is an important parameter for productivity issues. Solufab experimented with the provision of a Technifiltre-Losma installation on two machining centers with HP coolant In addition to the air flow rates to be treated, the taking into account of organic components and titanium dust was necessary to use the powers calmly. and cutting speeds available on the machines.

The Toulouse precision mechanics subcontractor specializes in the shape machining of parts in titanium, stainless steel and aeronautical materials such as composites. In 2017, the installation of two Doosan VC 630 five-axis centers completes the equipment geared towards performance, quality, precision and the service desired by Frédéric Sanchez and his associates. The adoption of machining processes equipped with high pressure coolant allows very significant cycle time savings compared to more conventional milling means. However, the impact of the process on the machining chamber and the environment must be taken into account. In the absence of suction / filtration, a charged atmosphere would invade the workshop each time a machine door is opened.

The approach to this problem was presented to the supplier of the centers as well as to a specialist in filtration for machine tools, Christian Strippoli from Technifiltre. In addition to the volume and flow of air to be treated on the machines (less than 1000 m 3 / h), the presence of volatile machining residues that are dangerous from a health standpoint is an important factor to be secured in terms of the specifications. of this workshop.

The filtration specialist has distinguished three levels of air purification to be mastered. The coalescing filter treats the oil mist resulting from the lubricant nebulization. This allows the recovery of the cutting fluid and its reintegration into the machine network. A second level of treatment is carried out by activated carbon which neutralizes organic pollution. The most common at Solufab concerns the bonding products found on composite materials. This is also the case for wheel binders, paints and certain machine lubrication components. The last level, called the H 13 absolute filter, is designed to control all fumes, dust and micro-chips with an efficiency greater than 99%. Due to intense chip fragmentation,the finishing machining of refractory materials generates the formation of micro particles which are dangerous for the personnel. The overall objective is to guarantee healthy working conditions, without loss of productivity: unpolluted air, no ambient dampness, no delay for opening the machining chamber, etc.

Installation Technifiltre losma

On examination of the machine layouts, it would have been difficult to envisage a ground installation, which led Christian Strippoli to orient his client on the Icarus models from Losma pwhich can be positioned on the upper part of the machine. The specialist’s offer was economically attractive, underlines Frédéric Sanchez. “It is especially well studied. It frees the leader in the field of health prevention. It makes possible productivity gains without restriction of cutting speed and feed, with high pressure coolant through the center of the spindle”. The time savings in production are now more than yesterday, imperatives in a context of acceleration in demand, particularly in the Toulouse area.

Since the start-up of the two Losma Icarus equipment, six weeks after the arrival of the four machining centers, the motivation of the operators has not wavered. The machines stay clean. The environment is favorable and one feels a great satisfaction to note that the quality and the improvement of the productivity are done thanks to appropriate means of last generation. The expansion of the machine park with equipment developing high productivity processes meets the expectations of increased capacity for milling complex shapes formulated by Solufab managers. Main player in customer relations, Frédéric Sanchez supports his clients both in the development of prototypes, tools and in the production of small and medium series.It relies on a team and resources which give Solufab its reliability and responsiveness.